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Ben’s Fund Autism Grant

Our Mission –  is to provide grant opportunities to families across Washington state who need financial assistance with services specifically related to autism spectrum disorder treatments. From therapies to equipment we want to help support our local families ease some of the financial strain associated with autism. To find out if your family may qualify for an autism grant worth up-to $1,000.00 per child.

To Apply – please click here for the Ben’s Fund Application & Instruction Page Please complete one application per applying child. Refer to instruction page for eligibility and how to submit an application.

Applications are accepted year round and are awarded monthly throughout 2015/2016.

Here is a list of just some of the autism services and equipment families are successfully receiving grants for:

  • Center and home based therapies including: Occupational, Speech, ABA, psychotherapy etc…
  • Ongoing assessments, educational testing
  • Electronic communication equipment, tablets, covers and Apps
  • Weighted blankets and pressure clothing
  • GPS devices, personal trackers
  • Sound and listening systems
  • Summer camps and schools
  • Anesthesia for dental services
  • Social groups
  • Service dogs
  • Specialty bikes
  • Home security systems and fences
  • Adult diapers and personal hygiene items
  • Travel time for therapists
  • Playgrounds and outdoor equipment
  • Professional Advocacy for IEP support
  • Therapy swings, trampolines, pressure machines, rollers
  • Sensory, fine motor assistance equipment
  • Music, dance, aquatic, art and hippotherapy.

If you are applying for multiple therapeutic equipment items, please try and limit vendors to as few as possible. All requested equipment must be available through online purchase to be eligible.

Items not covered – Respite care, personal travel, initial autism diagnostic appointments, previously purchased equipment. NEW – Medication not administered by a physician or any item not directly related to the child’s autism treatment.

Ben’s Fund Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions –  

Download (PDF, 532KB)

About – Ben’s Fund was established in 2012 by the Seattle Women’s Seahawks Association and Traci and John Schneider, and named in honor of their son Ben, who has autism. The intent of establishing “Ben’s Fund” at FEAT of Washington is twofold:  to not only provide grants to families to help them obtain services for their children on the spectrum, but also to drive families to FEAT so they will be connected to a larger community to receive ongoing guidance and assistance as they continue their journey with autism.

“Thank you for your support to this amazing organization and very worthwhile cause. Your support will directly help these children with autism in our community! We truly appreciate your support!”

Traci and John Schneider

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Contact Information – please contact FEAT of WA – Family Services Program Director:  Julia Rule at 425.223.5126 |

Please note, this is a family grant and must be completed by the requesting family. If your request can not be supported by a referral letter from a Dr or therapist and is not specific to your child’s autism treatment, the item/service will not be covered. The Ben’s Fund Committee aims to meet monthly to approve applications. Once a *complete application is received, the process from time received to grant outcome can take up to 60 days. It is at the committee’s discretion as to whom and what will be awarded, decision is based on information and requested documentation which is provided by applicant with application. All applications are reviewed case-by-case and are awarded by the Ben’s Fund Committee. All decisions are final.

Ben’s Fund has awarded a number of Foster Kids over the years and requirements are slightly different. We ask that foster parents please share in the family story that this is a foster child applicant. We also ask for a copy of the child’s DSHS – Consent for Medical Treatment document as confirmation that the child is a legal dependent and voids the need for a 1040.

*Complete application – Please refer to the instruction page and submit all additional accompanying documentation at time of application submission.Thank you.

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