Rising Star Academy

What is RSA?

RSA is FEAT of Washington’s year round early intervention program. Launched in fall of 2006, RSA provides high quality ABA-based intervention services for young children with autism and their socially typical peers 3-8 years of age.  We have two program sites:  Bellevue and Tacoma.  Program hours: 9:00am – 12:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Afternoon Option
Program Hours:  12:00pm – 3:30pm
2014 Summer Option
We will increase enrollment by 20% in both our Tacoma and Bellevue sites to accommodate summer only families.  We are still accepting applications; please send an email to traci.russell@featwa.org to request application materials.


RSA Learner Outcomes
Since its inception, RSA has recorded wonderful benefits to learners who participate in the program.  Average students on the autism spectrum approximately double their rate of development across RSA’s wide battery of standardized tests in the areas of social skills, language skills, adaptive behavior skills, cognitive and motor skills over baseline rates.   And, the data show that typically developing children more than double their rates of development by participating in the RSA program when compared to the social development rates for other typically developing peers.

RSA Learner Happiness and Parent Satisfaction
In addition to measuring how well learners respond to the intervention they receive through RSA, our staff also measure how happy the learners are as they receive intervention and how satisfied the learners’ parents are with RSA.

RSA’s learners are consistently very happy with the intervention they receive, and RSA parents consistently give RSA top marks in terms of their satisfaction with the program.

Payment Options:
Parents choose to pay privately for our services or by directing us to bill their insurance provider. At this time, we bill Premera Microsoft, Premera Amazon and Tricare insurance plans, only.  We are actively pursuing other insurance plans, and we will  update our website regularly to keep families informed of any additions or changes. 

How to Apply
We are now accepting applications for the year round attendance.  Contact our Program Directors to learn more.

Molly Armstrong |Program Director – Bellevue
425-502-5801  molly.armstrong@featwa.org

Lauren Morrell |Program Director – Tacoma
425-409-6209  lauren.m@featwa.org